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Height 16-1/4″
Length 66″
Width 32″




Available Colors:




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Product Description
The SYNIRON 1 Honolulu is a 46 1/2 x 27 x 15 1/4”bathtub – when space is limited and a bath is a
necessity. The SYNIRON 1 Honolulu porcelain enamel steel bathtub uniformly sprayed with SYNIRON
composite backed material on the tub. The SYNIRON 1 Honolulu is “the affordable alternative to cast
iron” designed to improve heat retention, prevent handling, and installation damage. The SYNIRON
1 Honolulu bathtub is a tradtional style design with a standard “straight” back support. Construction is
one piece heavy gauge seamless steel with an acid resistant porcelain enamel finish. The SYNIRON
1 Honolulu weighs 59 lbs., easy to transport and install into a bathtub alcove. The Honolulu does not
require a support pad. The SYNIRON 1 Honolulu complies with ASME A119.1/CSA B45.2. Enameled
Cast Iron and Enameled Steel Plumbing Fixtures, ADA American Disabilities Act, F462 Consumer Safety
Specification for Slip Resistant Bathing Facilities, ASTM E 162-08 Surface Flammability, ASTM E662-06
Smoke Density. Available in white, bone and biscuit colors with a right and left drain. Made in the USA.
Weight: 59 lbs